Danjoo Koorliny Virtual Summit FAQ


Need help? You’ve come to the right place!!


What do I need to participate in the Virtual Summit?

The virtual summit is a fully immersive, interactive experience that mirrors the physical summit, plus some additional extras! 


All you need is a computer with a camera and microphone, and an internet connection. Our website main page is your one-stop ‘go-to’ event location and has links to everything you need: danjookoorlinysocialimpactfestival.com


You can also join the conversation and share your summit journey on social media using the hashtag #DanjooKoorliny


Where can I find the summit schedule?

Here: https://www.danjookoorlinysocialimpactfestival.com/registration-and-program


How do I watch the main stage?

We are broadcasting the summit live via Zoom. Click on this link to go to the summit: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7162001843


Please make sure each participating computer or phone has downloaded the latest version of Zoom prior to the event (https://zoom.us/download), and that it has a camera and microphone. 


Some Zoom guidelines and notes:

  • You will be muted when you join the call, but please also make sure you stay on mute during presentations so we don’t have background noise

  • You can toggle between “Speaker” and “Gallery” view by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of your screen

  • Use the chatbox: tell us where you are calling from and share your summit experience

  • If your internet connection is weak, try turning off your video and just tune in through audio

  • Please do NOT hit the green share button on your screen


We will be recording the summit (not breakout groups) for documentation and possible Aboriginal-led research - please contact us before the event if you don't want to appear in any documentation.


How do I participate in summit activities?

Group sessions (such as the yarning circles and in-summit conversations) will be held in breakout rooms on Zoom. Please make sure that you are on the Zoom call before the session begins and that your camera and microphone are working.


I have a question for the presenters, how do I ask them?

The presentations during the summit are not interactive experience. However if you have a burning question for the presenters, please post them in the Zoom chat, and our friendly volunteers will do our best to relay them when possible. 


The Zoom chat is also a great way for you to ask the Danjoo Koorliny team any questions, engage with your fellow virtual participants and share your own summit experience. 


What do I do during the breaks between events?

There are two ways to engage with other virtual attendees in the breaks between events on the main stage, and before and after the sessions: Sessions and Networking. These are purely optional, but they are a great way to connect as if you were attending the conference in person. 


These are both hosted on Hopin. Sign up for a Hopin account and register for the event here: https://hopin.to/events/danjoo-koorliny-social-impact-summit  


  1. Sessions

Sessions are virtual spaces for you to meet other participants and join in small, self-led conversations. 


To join a Session:

  • Click on “Sessions” button on the left-hand side of the page

  • Select the talking circle that you wish to join 

  • Click the blue “Participate” button in the top left-hand corner to turn on your camera and microphone


Please note that only 20 people can actively talk and participate in a talking circle at any one time. Additional participants can still watch, but can’t contribute. 


Feel free to create your own talking circle by clicking the “Add Session” button.


Talking Stick Guidelines for Sessions

To create a positive, welcoming environment, we would love for conversations to use a talking stick approach: one person starts the conversation, introduces themselves and shares their piece, and then hands the floor to the next person to contribute. This way we can ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and create an open


  1. One-on-One Networking

You can meet other attendees one-on-one on a video chat through Networking on Hopin. 


To start:

  • Click on the “Networking” button on the left-hand side of the screen

  • Click the “Ready” button. Hopin will automatically match you another attendee and the video chat will begin immediately. 


Please note that the call will automatically end after 10 minutes, and there is a timer on the screen. 


You also won’t be matched with the same person twice in networking - so make sure you both click “Connect” to share your contact details and find each other again. 


You can also check out the Visual Journey here and add your thoughts to our post-it note board on “What has been achieved this year” here


If you have any other problems or questions, please contact us on the Zoom or Hopin chats, and one of our friendly volunteers will help you.