significant Australians.

Places that are sacred to us still.

What can I do?

Spiritual gift.

These platforms we’ve presented for you.

Spoken about.

Spoken to.


The spirit, is in everything.

I grew up with seven sisters - don't feel sorry for me.

Old Testament, New Testament.

Governance models, social order, totemic systems, six-season cycle.

Expended atoms.

We are all part of the problem, 

we are all part of the solution.

Dirty the soles of our shoes.

It's happening people.

Paradigm shift.

I'm gonna come back as a river,

a new society.

Periaqueductal grey spiritual science.


Spinoza's God.

I used to be a headbanger, now it's gone.

Energy equals matter.

Spiritual receptor.

Let the world talk to us

Koodjal bilya,

one moort.


Beginner’s mindset -

no one has done this before.

Rich pictures.

Justice represents strengths and healing.

Prioritise our voices.

Truth telling.

Creating a shared Dreaming.

Aboriginal science and Western science.

The future is a holistic open flow
of life returning.

If only we could bottle this.

We know we're gonna see each other later.

The only person who can shift an individual is an individual.

In a collective.

The original affluent society...


We've got that magic within us.

We shun self-centredness.

Make a mistake - that's the way you learn.

Listen to the bubbles,

a whole new word.

It has to be iterative,

it has to be collective.

Power needs to be to the people - family centred.
Fed up for good.

How much toilet paper could we eat?

You jumped in with your feet.

A special day - 

Oral McGuire's birthday.

This is your time to be a little courageous.

We have been raised 

by a village.

Held accountable, held in relationship. 


I actually wrote a speech - nah I didn't.
It talks about the potential.

I'm not worried anymore.

This is who we are.

How far have we come since the last time we met?


for man,

be present.

Yarn without paper.

This is an evolving mechanism.

Courageous conversations.

What are you going to do
with the stories that we tell you?

Djinanginy bo.

May the songlines take you
safely home.





Jim Morrison day.

Codes of systems change.

Kwop Kedela.

Knowing there is, 


utilising, analysing, reshaping codes.

They didn't see the British Library.

Code systems existed in our DNA.

Independence, co-dependence.

Couple of marriages and you cover the whole state.

It's more sophisticated. 

We start with spirit.

The whole body is a code.

No such thing as a shortcut.

We're open to the thinking.

The whales are singing.


Systems that awaken us.

We've got the humanity blueprint.

I've got no time for questions.

Science, politics, and business.

Indigenous knowledge.

That's why they call him doctor.

First law - gift from God.

The codes of social fields in
this moment of disruption.

systems change.

The future as it emerges.
The deeper territory:

curiosity, compassion, courage.

Our own agency...

more disruption.

A shining light.

Deepening science.

Can you listen with humility?

Can you sense the system from the edges?

Our future that depends
on us,
on support structures.

Agents of change.

Piece of the path.

Stories, song, dance, art.

We can fix it.

We have the capacity.

New future.

2029 now.

I've got strong knuckles.

We signed the document.

We won't walk in single file.


Otitis media.

Sharing with you. 

Caring for you.

Two weeks - 

too many generations - 

nearly 200 years.

Pandemic the perfect opportunity.

Whole planet action.

Someone blew up the Vatican.

Danjoo Koorliny.

Why not Australia?

Why not beyond ?

Caring for everything and caring for everyone.

I second the motion!

We are doing things.

The walk is timeless.

The native title state.

We've got a bit to talk about.

Koolbardi wer Wardong.

Resilience and forgiveness.

We have our vision set for the next 10 years.

What do you want the Governor to say in 2029?

Danjoo Koorliny funding pit.

Corridors, yarning circles, cultural centres,

caring for everything.

Reclaiming spaces.

Absorbe, observe, experiment, evaluate.

It's time for evaluation.

It's obviously gotta be Aboriginal led.

It's a special time.

This stuff is here. 

This stuff is here.


Poetic mirroring / poetic resonance by John Stubley from the 2021 Danjoo Koorliny Social Impact Summit. All words and phrases are taken chronologically from speakers and participants and arranged into poetic form with no other words added. The piece was read back to summit participants at the end of the event, and again at the 2021 Danjoo Koorliny Elder-Leader Briefing. This methodology forms part of a number of methods and tools involving metaphor and poetics in systems change. The application of these methods and tools John calls Social Poetics or Social Poetry. Please do not share this piece outside of the context of the Danjoo Koorliny Social Impact Summit.