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Caring for Everything in Joondalup

Updated: Jan 27

Noel Nannup shared Moondang-ak Kaaradjiny / The Carers of Everything story at a cultural immersion event organised by Sharon Wood-Kenney and hosted by Danjoo Koorliny and its community partner Djinda Bridiya Wellbeing in Joondalup on January 21. Noel shared the story (including the significance of Joondalup), and spoke about Danjoo Koorliny Walking Together with around 80 people. There was also time for conversation with and input from many other Elders and leaders, as well as Acting Joondalup Mayor Russ Fishwick and Wanneroo Mayor Tracey Roberts.

To listen to Moondang-ak Kaaradjiny / The Carers of Everything click here, and use the password: DanjooKoorliny


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