Codes and Systems Change: A Keynote with Dr Richard Walley alongside Dr Otto Scharmer

Updated: Sep 22

Danjoo Koorliny Co-Director Dr Richard Walley (in-person) will deliver a keynote on the codes of systems change alongside Dr Otto Scharmer (online) during this year's Danjoo Koorliny Social Impact Summit.

Danjoo Koorliny is an Aboriginal-led, large-scale, long-term systems change project commencing on Noongar Country in the South West of Western Australia. The project is helping Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people walk together towards 2029, which will mark 200 years of colonisation in Western Australia.

While the project is based in Western Australia, it is, however, something that people can connect with from wherever they are in the world.

Dr Otto Scharmer in Perth in July 2018, and Dr Richard Walley at the inaugural Danjoo Koorliny Social Impact Summit in 2019.

“Everything is based on codes,” said Dr Walley. “And by looking at these codes you can see how we interpret them a little bit differently. That’s the important part - we’re talking about the same code, we’re talking about the same place, we’re interpreting the impact and the practice of it.

“Aboriginal people have embraced advancement and technology - we use computers, we use the language. So we’ve embraced the Western code. But how much of the Western minds have embraced the Aboriginal codes?

“When you look at our culture, our culture has been uninterrupted for some 2,000 generations. It allowed a process of evolution over 2,000 generations to get a lot of the codes right. And I guarantee if you had a program or a department or an area and we give you 10 years to do something you’ll get it done...Imagine if you had a hundred years to get it right. We had thousands - we did get it right.”

Dr Scharmer previously gave a public lecture in Perth during the 2018 Social Impact Festival - the largest social impact festival in the world - when he also co-facilitated the Presencing Foundation Program in Fremantle, as well as a session of the Engaging Leaders Innovating Across Sectors (ELIAS) WA program.

Dr Scharmer is an economist and senior lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), co-founder of the Presencing Institute and author of Theory U, amongst other books.

The Danjoo Koorliny Co-Directors and team have previously contributed to the Presencing Institute’s GAIA program on several occasions, with co-directors Dr Noel Nannup, Dr Richard Walley, Prof Colleen Hayward and Carol Innes - together with Oral McGuire, Katie Stubley and Dr John Stubley - taking part in different sessions, including the Global Forum, as well as special sessions co-hosted with Commonland and another with the United Nations.

The four project co-directors are also part of the Editorial Board for the Presencing Institute’s Journal of Awareness-Based Systems Change.

Dr Walley is the 2021 Western Australian Senior Australian of the Year, a Medallist of the Order of Australia, and is designated a State Living Treasure.

The Danjoo Koorliny Social Impact Summit will take place on October 6 & 7. Dr Walley will speak with Dr Scharmer on October 7. Click here to register (if you are in Western Australia).

“And as we build and build and build, we want to make sure that we don’t forget you, wherever you might be...and the opportunity that we have now to bring this to you, and it’ll then go wherever it might need to go,” said Danjoo Koorliny co-Director Dr Noel Nannup in 2019. “And if it sparks an interest in yourselves, wherever you might be in the world, then always remember and understand that we’re here and we’re thinking of you, not just ourselves, because something like this is about the greater good for humanity, not just ourselves as individuals.”

To register for the summit, click here (if you are in Western Australia). If you are not in Western Australia, we hope to be able to edit and share a recording in due course.