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Danjoo Koorliny Bidi Labs

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

We have now designed a Danjoo Koorliny Bidi Labs journey which will begin next year with the two main themes of Moort Families and Boodja Country. Into these two main labs will flow smaller streams related to those larger themes, such as education, children and families, health etc. in relation to the Moort Families Lab; and such streams as food, fire and water in relation to the Boodja Country Lab. All of these labs will be held within the Kaartdijin Systems Knowledge Hub.

The Bidi Labs process was presented at the 2021 Danjoo Koorliny Social Impact Summit by Ezra Jacobs-Smith and the Danjoo Koorliny Team. You can see a bit of a visual of the Moort Lab at the top in the left hand corner, and some of the different streams that are going to flow into that. And then the Boodja Lab down in the bottom left corner, and some of those streams. And then those labs will come together in a Caring for Everything Lab to make sure that we're always aware of all of the other areas where people are working.

“So what this does is allow us to go into our silos or our areas of expertise and really hone in on that and develop that really well, but we're always making sure that the silos are operating around a core set of values and principles, and that there are really strong interconnections between them all.

“And that makes sure that the network of knowledge and the network of the system is really collaborative. And that will be happening next year. So next year we're going to start our lab processes, and the outcome of those lab processes will feed into the summit next year.

“This is another representation zooming in on the Kaartdijin Knowledge Hub. In the top left corner there, you've got that represented visually. It's Spirit led - Wirin led. And it brings together that collective knowledge and experience I talked about before. We've got people who are stepping into lead roles, to lead different portfolios. So Pop Oral in the Boodja space and Nan Glenda in the Moort space have been two that have stepped into those roles so far. And then we've got the backbone coordination and core team supporting them. “We also have as part of the journey the Impact Measurement Framework, but we're starting to call that more of an Impact Measurement Platform. And what that is is a platform or a space for everybody to bring their impact commitments to, and share that with the collective. We're not about trying to tell each and every individual or entity what you should be doing and how you should be doing it, because that's what you know best. But we would like you to bring that to the collective and share that with everyone and tell us what you're doing in your areas of expertise to change things for the better, to move us all towards caring for everything as we walk together.

“And story, song, dance, and art is a big part of what we do. That's really important because we want people to be feeling and experiencing this more than just in your head. We need to be using our heads, but we need to be engaging the rest of our bodies and our being, our heart and our spirit as well, in the work that we're doing. We need to be doing this holistically” (Ezra Jacobs-Smith, 2021 Danjoo Koorliny Social impact Summit).


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