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Danjoo Koorliny Social Impact Summit 2021

Scribing by Shenali Perera - please don't share outside of this context.

More than 450 people came together recently for the Danjoo Koorliny Walking Together Social Impact Summit at Boodjargabbeelup Point Fraser in East Perth. This now begins the third year of the Danjoo Koorliny Walking Together movement towards 2029 and beyond.

We will be posting ongoing highlights from the summit and whole festival in the days ahead.

In the meantime, please continue to use #DanjooKoorliny2021 on your social media posts so we can all enjoy what each other is sharing, and check out a couple of photos below from the summit.

We are also working on synthesising ‘system sketching’ and ‘2029 Now’ creative ideas from the summit.

Hopefully see you at the Meeka Moorart Full Moon Celebration on October 20 at Gurndandalup Matilda Bay (register here).

More to come.


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