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Galup Social Impact Event

The creative team behind the sold-out Perth Festival performance 'Galup' recently hosted, together with Birdiya Noongar Cultural Consultants, an interactive conversation about social impact, healing, and positive intercultural relationships.

The event was held at Galup Lake Monger where the presenters introduced Galup's Social Impact Campaign. During the event, the team encouraged participants to provide insights, and voice ideas for how to turn Galup's social impact goals into reality.

The organisers asked Danjoo Koorliny team members Ezra Jacobs-Smith and Katie Stubley to host one of the generative afternoon conversations.

Here are the Galup team's social impact goals and messages:


● Increase awareness of Galup/Lake Monger’s history and significance

● Increase understanding of how the violence of settler colonisation continues to impact Australia today

● Promote the transformative impact of truth telling as a tool for healing and justice

● Embed history of Galup/Lake Monger in curriculum in local schools

● Create a permanent legacy that tells the stories of Galup/Lake Monger e.g. a memorial, signage and/or an annual event

● Encourage positive collaborations between First Nations people and other Australians by sharing the story of how this project was made.


● Galup/Lake Monger is a culturally and historically significant site

● Australia’s settler colonial history continues to negatively impact the present

● Truthfully acknowledging violence in the past, enables a more just future

● Arts can create spaces where connection and healing can happen

● Building positive relationships between First Nations and other cultures takes time, respect and understanding.

For more on the project, click here.

Scribing by Shenali Perera, photos by Katie Stubley


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