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Mara Birni Healing Place Opens in Kalgoorlie

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Danjoo Koorliny and Centre for Social Impact (CSI) team members Sharon Wood-Kenney and Katie Stubley have attended the opening of the Mara Birni Healing Place in Kalgoorlie.

The Mara Birni Healing Place incorporated a Danjoo Koorliny and CSI co-design process for the Department of Communities, with many community members in Kalgoorlie giving input into its design.

The result is a culturally-safe hub with wrap-around specialised services all in one place, meaning appropriate support can be accessed easier and sooner.

Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence Minister Simone McGurk officially opened the Mara Birni Healing Place in Kalgoorlie on December 2.

"Support services will be made available through the hub, including family support, a crèche, parenting and trauma counselling, mental health support, housing and financial support, legal services, advocacy, alcohol and other drug counselling, family and domestic violence education and community activities," she said.

Danjoo Koorliny and CSI have also been running a co-design process for the Department of Communities to create a 'one-stop hub' in Mirrabooka, with next steps in this process happening soon.


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