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Meeting With Kimberley Elders: Caring for Our Waterways

The Danjoo Koorliny Walking Together Team has met with Elders and leaders from the Martuwarra (Fitzroy River) Council who represent different peoples and country along the Martuwarra in the Kimberley.

The meeting was an opportunity for Elders and community leaders to continue their conversations from February when the group from the Kimberley visited Perth for the event 'Two Rivers Talking.'

The February event was a celebration of the two rivers - the Martuwarra and the Derbarl Yerrigan (The Swan River) - and featured a screening of the new film The Serpent's Tale which shares the creation story of the Martuwarra.

The recent meeting between Elders and leaders was a chance to continue to grow existing connections, including connections related to waterways.

The meeting was followed by dinner and another screening of The Serpent's Tale, featuring a welcome to country by Dr Noel Nannup, MC'ing by Carol Innes, music from Olive Knight, a keynote from Martuwarra Council Chair Dr Anne Poelina, and an audience discussion with the Kimberley visitors to close.

The audience was invited to consider how these ancient stories can guide the future of our rivers, and what could be done to support the best possible outcomes for the Martuwarra and its people.

The audience was also invited to consider the health of the Derbarl Yerrigan and what they can do to care for our local waterways.

To find out more about the Martuwarra River Council visit their website here. To attend upcoming Danjoo Koorliny Walking Together Festival events, including Meeka Moorart Full Moon Celebration and Ni! Bilyada Waanginy Listen! The Rivers are Speaking, click here. To learn more about Ni! Bilyada Waanginy click here.


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