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New Training Centre for Healing Country

Congratulations to Prof Stephen van Leeuwen and his team at Curtin University who have now begun work on an Australian Research Council (ARC) Training Centre for Healing Country.

The centre will fuse Indigenous knowledge and traditional approaches with Western science to rehabilitate and restore country.

Prof Stephen van Leeuwen (right) with Elisha Jacobs-Smith and Ezra Jacobs-Smith at the opening of the NLE Tree Nursery 'Boola Boornap' in April.

Noongar man Prof van Leeuwin is Australia's first Indigenous Chair for Biodiversity and Environmental Science.

The centre will drive an Indigenous-led restoration economy.

“Indigenous Australians are intrinsically linked to our land, so if we can provide opportunities for Indigenous Australians to restore their Country while also offering business and employment prospects, that will make a real difference to everyone in those communities,” Professor van Leeuwen said.

“The ARC Training Centre for Healing Country will work to be a ground-breaking on-Country capability, employment and business development training centre for Indigenous Australians.

“The centre will aim to achieve cost-effective restoration solutions that grow and strengthen Indigenous enterprises, expand and bolster diverse training pathways, and conduct innovative research to support the advancement of a diversified Indigenous-led restoration economy.”

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