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"Our ways are being elevated to the highest levels of the UN" (Dr Emma Lee)

The work of trawlwulwuy woman and Centre for Social Impact Swinburne Research Fellow Dr Emma Lee has been featured on SBS as part of this year's NAIDOC Week with its theme of 'Heal Country'.

Emma has been working for more than two decades on Indigenous affairs, land and sea management, natural and cultural resources, and the ways they interconnect.

Her PhD focussed on the joint management of protected areas.

This year she became the first Aboriginal Australian to author guidelines for an advisory body to the UN. She contributed to the The International Union for the Conservation of Nature's best practice protected areas guidelines.

Her specific contribution centred around spiritual and cultural aspects of caring for land and sea.

Read the full article on SBS here.

Emma has also been working with the Danjoo Koorliny Team, including Professor Colleen Hayward AM, on a research deep dive across Centre for Social Impact nodes around Australia.

#Danjoo Koorliny

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