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Shining the Light: Yarning Together

The City of Perth Elders (including Noel Nannup and Farley Garlett) have contributed to the co-creation of the Shining the Light: Yarning Together performance as part of the city’s Australia Day Festival.

The performance was a “water-projection showcase that shined the light on the story of the Whadjuk Nyoongar people starting with the dreamtime moment of creation. Elders shared their stories of courage and resilience during the time of colonisation, and then shined the light towards a brighter more inclusive future”. The performance ran January 22-25 at Elizabeth Quay.

Click here to watch the ABC interview Noel about the performance, and see some of the images projected onto sprays of water (skip to 15:15 minute mark). This link goes to the program 'January 26' which provides a focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander events, marches and perspectives of January 26th; hosted by Isabella Higgins and Karla Ranby (available until February 25).

After February 25, please see the excerpt below of Noel's interview, courtesy of the ABC and Isabella and Karla.

Read more about other Shining the Light events on the Visit Perth website here.


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