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Summit Program Announced

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

The draft program for the 2021 Danjoo Koorliny Social Impact Summit has now been announced.

The two-day summit will take place at Beaumonde on the Point at Boodjargabbeelup Point Fraser in East Perth opposite Matagarup Heirisson Island on October 6 and 7. (To register for the summit please click here.)

The program will be an interactive and experiential journey in which people will be able to enter into the Danjoo Koorliny Walking Together process and help co-design and co-create the vision for 2029, which will mark 200 years of colonisation in Western Australia.

The summit will also feature a number of keynote presentations, including keynotes with the Danjoo Koorliny Co-Directors speaking alongside other invited special guests.

On the opening morning Dr Noel Nannup will be speaking about 'The Science of Spirituality' alongside the Chief Scientist of Western Australia Prof Peter Klinken. On the second morning Dr Richard Walley will be speaking about 'The Codes of Systems Change' alongside MIT's and the Presencing Institute's Dr Otto Scharmer who will be joining live online from Boston.

Image: Dr Noel Nannup (right) and Prof Peter Klinken (left).

A keynote featuring Prof Colleen Hayward and another featuring Carol Innes speaking alongside other invited special guests will be announced very soon.

The keynotes will fit into the overall guided process of the summit in which all participants will be able to look to the years ahead and determine what needs to change now so that we can all have something worth celebrating in 2029.

To view the program in larger format, please click here. Please note the summit program is subject to change at any moment if necessary (as per the Danjoo Koorliny principles we follow energy, not time).

To register for the summit, please click here.


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