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2019-2020 Reflections

By Carol Innes

The journey was long and unexpected leading towards Danjoo Koorliny 2020.

Walking forward we did!

A lot of the great feelings from 2019 kept the fire burning.

The meetings, the excitement, the anxieties and the barriers kept us alert and kept us focused.

We still had the buzz. We had a lot of trust, faith and spirit.

We were not going away. We were determined to come back.

We adapted.

We were altered...

We travelled across country.

We Zoomed to the world.

Our spirit getting stronger.

Aligning partners and people.

Maintaining our focus to bring us back together.

However, there is an engine slowly turning and steering us forward.

This engine powered strongly by Katie, John and Paul and the fabulous team at the Centre for Social Impact here at UWA.

They worked to ensure we are here today.

Determination, commitment and believing in the vision of where we left last year. Their work has brought us back together.

If this is your first experience, thank you for coming on board. We are on a journey of change, hope and celebration.

A celebration of togetherness.




Our world has changed.

We have to work together.

A new appreciation of what we all share.

Everyone has been affected and everyone can be involved in our healing.

We are asking you to come on a journey with us.

Understanding our seasons.

Weaving our language into our streets – our places begin the true connection of people to place.

Sharing the TWO KNOWLEDGE systems with mutual respect and understanding.

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