Colleen Hayward’s Summary of the Danjoo Koorliny 

 Lightening Panel Reflections 2019-2020

7 August 2020


10+ Overview

Josey Hansen and Farley Garlett


This work was always meant to be. The effort has been long term and has included many people as others step forward to take the place of people we have lost along the way. There is a plea for collective action rather than a limited focus on only our work at the time. Leadership enabling Elders to be heard while younger people are provided with an opportunity to listen and learn – and everyone looking after each other – be together and stay strong.


Children and Families

Glenda Kickett  


Still too many Aboriginal kids being taken into care. We have the highest rates in Australia. Talked of generations of trauma. Outlined processes to try to address these difficulties with Aboriginal people working in the sector leading those processes. Lots to be changed including the current legislative reform process and within the Department of Communities. Urged us all to work better within cultural protocols rather than trying to make us fit into the systems that don’t do that.


Food, Land and Fire

Oral McGuire


Language that goes beyond the simple translation – our words are so much more in that they are also concepts. Built international links including those arising from last year’s Festival. Food sustainability as a key issue for all of us and understanding fire. Our connection to others as well as to Country and inter-twined with kinship. Complex problems need a focused and driven, collective response to address them. We have the model to understand through cultural authority.



Josey Hansen & Karen Jacobs (apologies from Gordon Cole)


Lots of people with lots of pain had an opportunity this week to tell their stories of homelessness. It is important for people to be able to tell their stories in their own words and not have someone else shift these words. 



Karen Jacobs


Tough area in which to work but absolutely necessary for Aboriginal people to be involved in economic development and empowerment initiatives to accrue actual benefit from this place – our place. We need to compete and  engage and to branch out into other areas such as IT. There is a  Noongar Chamber of Commerce and Industry with hundreds of Aboriginal businesses represented through that forum. Support and celebrate!



Aunty Shirley Thorne and Aunty Barbara McGilvray


Talked us through the journey of the puppet making and the sharing and learning it facilitated. A different experience for most people involved. This was not only a safe place, but also a healing place. Like so many of our activities, noting was done without food and laughter being central to it all. Learning from ancient ways and recognising respect and quality


Justice and AOD

Daniel Morrison


Spoke of the Social Investment campaign journey over the last 8 years, kids in care and adults incarcerated. Major win was the legislative changes to people being imprisoned for not being able to pay fines. There is a rehab program for AOD use in prison. Important work in diversionary programs – doing this in collaboration with others such as Palmerston.


Leadership Development

Robyn Smith-Walley


WAALI (WA Aboriginal Leadership Institute) Yorga Djenna Bidi initial program. Reflect on what it is that drives or inspires us to do the work we do to bring change. YDB now has 130 graduates and now other development programs including for young people and ongoing for alumni. Generally building capacity and expanding program offerings.



Sharon Wood-Kenney


Looking after our land with WATER being integral to that care. Connections to our waterways as part of our culture. Current project tracing the old waterways and the journeys they undertook.



Jonathon Ford


 Cultural integrity and authority of the Boards and other governing committees of our organisations. Aboriginal governance and leadership through our health services (via ACCHOs). Health indicators: life expectancy at birth and healthy birth weight – CTG indicators. Aboriginal health and planning forums; need for specific services to address need via systemic reform.